Bronze Joint Ownership

From £15.00

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Anyone over aged 16 or over is eligible to become a full member of the Society.  By becoming a joint owner you will be issued with a £1 share in the Industrial & Provident Society known as Scarborough Athletic FC Society Ltd.  An IPS is a special type of company that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority.  Members of an IPS are protected from any liabilities that the Society may incur - your liability only extends to the £1 share that you own.


What's in it for you?

Being a Society member gives these benefits:

  • part ownership of your club
  • member shareholder certificate and pin badge
  • a vote in board member elections
  • the chance to stand in elections yourself
  • a vote on important club issues
  • notification of important events
  • newsletters four times a year
  • a say in the future of football in Scarborough

Our basic membership type is Bronze.  This costs only £15 per year, and gives you full membership of the Society.  You will be the owner of one share, and will also be entitled to one vote at General Meetings, and also in board elections.  In addition membership entitles you to stand for election to the board.

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